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Cassis Exotic Bubble Tea Plano TX

Cassis Exotic Drinks & Tea

Cassis Exotic Drink & Tea is non-alcoholic beverage Café that was established in 2008. We offer an amazing selection of virgin cocktails, frozen beverages, exotic flavored coffees and teas.Most of our drinks, except the smoothies and the frozen beverages, are hand shaken to give our customers the best enjoyment of the different flavors and textures within. Especially our original Taiwan bubble milk tea, is served shaken by hand to give our customers that rich, creamy and foamy texture that bubble milk teas should have. Our drinks are more sophisticated than those from smoothie joints, more exciting than regular coffee bars, and a safer choice than true cocktails.We use quality Monin flavored syrups and 100% real fruit syrups for all our beverages. Our creamy frozen beverages are made from our very own homemade gelatos. All our beverages uses fructose (which is much better for the health) as a sweetener instead of cane or corn sugar. We also offer tapioca bubbles/boba that can be added to any of our beverages.

Cassis Exotic Drink & Tea provides our customers with an inviting modern seating area with magazines and free Wi-Fi. A great place for those who simply just want to hangout and relax. Our unique beverages have established Cassis Exotic Drink & Tea in this industry and allowing us to make a distinctive and substantial impact.